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Armchair BEA: Nonfiction Ups & Mostly Downs

Posted by Steph on May - 31 - 2013

So, nonfiction and I aren’t best friends. Sadly there isn’t even a section for it on my blog because it’s only once every few years I find one that I actually want/force myself to read. For me reading is an escape, so when I go to pick out a book  [ Read More ]

Armchair BEA: Giveaway!

Posted by Steph on May - 30 - 2013

So it’s giveaway day on Armchair BEA…yay!!! And if you’ve been on my blog before you probably know that I think Lauren Willig is amazing.  Soo, I’m going to be giving away a copy of her latest standalone book, The Ashford Affair. (Check out my review here.) Willig is a  [ Read More ]

Author Interview with the Wonderful Nancy Klann-Moren

Posted by Steph on May - 29 - 2013

A while back I posted a review of a wonderful book called the The Clock of Life by Nancy Klann-Moren.   And Nancy was nice enough to give us an interview with some insight into who she is, her books, and her writing process!  (Plus, she also recently found out that the  [ Read More ]

So, I’m relatively new to the whole blogging show, but so far (I think anywho) it’s been going great! At least it’s a TON of fun which I think is what matters the most.  If you’re not having fun while you’re blogging, your blog will suffer.  I love coming home  [ Read More ]

Armchair BookExpo America! Introductions : )

Posted by Steph on May - 28 - 2013

So I saw this over on Turn the Page Reviews and Pages Unbound and I just had to join in on the fun! This is for all of us who can’t make it to BookExpo America (BEA), but want to do something fun anywho. Today is for introductions! 1.  Please tell  [ Read More ]

Top Ten Tuesday: Quotes From Books I’ve Read!

Posted by Steph on May - 27 - 2013

Top Ten Quotes From Books I’ve Read Thus Far Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish I love finding quotes worth saving and remembering within books.  It’s like finding buried treasure.  Every time you recall the quote it’ll bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye for  [ Read More ]

Stacking the Shelves! June Edition

Posted by Steph on May - 25 - 2013

Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews So this is my first time participating in this meme. I’ve seen it all over so figured I’d give it a try since I have sooo many books I’ve recently acquired : ) This is my “intended” June reading list. Of course there  [ Read More ]

Pumpkin Decorating Palooza! A Family Library Program

Posted by Steph on May - 24 - 2013

So I’m stealing this post from my old blog and posting it here now, in May, because if anyone else is like me, planning fall events has already started even before Summer Reading Program Kick-Off happens.  And this was such a fun program that was a huge hit, I just  [ Read More ]

I judge books by their covers.  If I don’t know the author, the cover is extremely important along with the title of course.  Since I love how much a great cover can do for books, I really didn’t want to miss out on this week’s Top Ten Tuesday so I’ve  [ Read More ]

Smitten with Dan Brown: Review of Inferno by Dan Brown

Posted by Steph on May - 22 - 2013

So I’ve been away from my computer for days…My excuse; Dan Brown (and Summer Reading Program madness blurgh :S ).  I know a lot of people are giving horrible reviews of this book, but, honestly, I loved it.  Dan Brown is one of the few popular “niche” writers I enjoy  [ Read More ]