A Great Escape Story: Fearless by Cornelia Funke

Posted by Steph on June - 26 - 2013

Cornelia Funke
YA Fantasy
Rating: 4.5

When the heart craved something so forcefully, then reason  became nothing but helpless observer. The heart, the soul, whatever it was…

So at some point I will have oodles of wonderful programming posts for you regarding the Summer Reading Program.  It’s going spectacularly…however, that also means I’m exhausted and, in turn, do not want to think about it outside of work at the moment. But I will share the experiences about Dinosaurs, Worms, Bike
Rodeos, Tie-Dying, and a couple really great Magic Tree House Book Clubs in the near future : ) So to take my mind off all the programming madness, I’ve kept up my reading and therefore have a book review for you!

Fearless was a great read. Pretty sure I liked it more than Reckless the first book in the series (I read that one quite a while and don’t remember it being a “great” read, more of an “ok” read).  This story had romance, adventure, magic, a different fairy tale-ish world, amazing characters, and a fast paced, thoroughly engrossing (if not at times very frustrating) plot.

Jacob Reckless is in a race against time (and an adversary) to find a way to save himself before the curse he is under claims his life. Reckless finds himself on the treasure hunt of his life with his best friend Fox, a lovely vixen shape-shifter. They must put all the pieces together and find the only possible cure to Reckless’ life before time runs out. (And it’s not even a 100% sure the cure will work!) Of course, their hunt won’t be easy as they find themselves racing against another who is searching for the same treasure while also running into many interesting foes along the way.

My only quam with this book was that it didn’t give enough of a background of the first novel for me.  Generally I get annoyed at all the background stuff in series, but I really missed it in this one because I honestly couldn’t remember what had happened! I would have found more info. beneficial, but that’s just me. 

Cornelia Funke is amazing and hands down one of my favorite authors.  She weaves wonderful stories that I love to get lost in (although I’d rather live in the Inkheart series as this one is a bit gruesome at times).  I can NOT wait for the next book in this series…or anything else she happens to write in the meantime.

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  1. I will read that, for sure! I love Cornelia Funke.

  2. Steph says:

    I hope you enjoy it 🙂 She is one of my favorites…I especially love the Inkheart series.

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