The Son of Sobek

The Son of Sobek (eBook)
Rick Riordan
JF Fantasy
Rating 5

What would I do without Rick Riordan?  I am so amazed every time I read another one of his books that he can manage to keep the plot fast paced and interesting with so many unique characters I wish I could be friends with.  And this short story was SPECTACULAR.

Typically I never read those short stories about a specific character authors publish in between books (like the ones which are a part of the Lorien Legacies series or the Beautiful Creatures one, I think there may even be a Divergent one?) because they just seem like a waste of time to me. (If we were talking about Harry Potter I would be all over it, but hey, that’s special.) BUT, I had to read The Son of Sobek because it was about (and I so totally knew this was going to happen!!) Percy Jackson meeting Carter Kane!!  This is so ridiculously exciting because it opens up room for so much more to happen with the two mythological Greek and Egyptian worlds colliding. 

The short story itself was honestly, more than I was expecting.  It kept the same humor, the same action and pace as all of the full length novels AND gave all of us HUGE fans the promise of some awesome books to come!! In the story, Percy and Carter must work together to help save a community from a rogue monster, however, they must first get past thinking they’re each other’s enemy…if that is possible.

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