EverGail Carson LevineJunior Fiction FantasyRating 3

Gail Carson Levine
Junior Fiction Fantasy
Rating 3

Ever by Gail Carson Levine was just okay and left me with some mixed feelings. I think a younger crowd may enjoy it more, but still, Gail Carson Levine has several other great books I would recommend to the younger crowd before this one. For starters I preferred Ella Enchanted, Fairest, and the Two Sisters of Bamarre as they all seemed to have more meaning and stronger characters.

I did enjoy the mythology aspect of this story; however, it was a bit confusing (even as an adult). There were so many names to keep track of different lands with different sets of gods, but it was all a bit confusing. I also kept trying to make some correlation between Christianity and the one omniscient god in the story, but I couldn’t make it pan out.

Cutting that out, the story itself was okay including all the necessary elements of romance, adventure, action, and suspense. The plot keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and wanting to see how the book will end. It’s certainly a quick read with not a whole lot of thinking involved (except to keep everyone’s name straight throughout the book). The romance did seem to blossom a bit too quickly and the heroine didn’t really seem to care about her family (although they were planning on sacrificing her, so I guess she had a fairly good reason). It’s definitely not a book that will leave a lasting impression on me, with the characters falling a bit flat and the plot at times frustrating. Overall, it was just okay, but I’m not upset I read it.

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