DeliriumLauren OliverYA Dystopian FictionRating: 4

Lauren Oliver
YA Dystopian Fiction
Rating: 4

This was another addicting teen dystopian fiction story.  I found it to be closest in relation to Matched because it focused on a government’s complete control over the citizen’s choices. And I liked the main character, Lena, more than Cassia from Matched because she seemed to be stronger and much less whiny. It wasn’t as violent as the Hunger Games (thank goodness) or Divergent although there was some violence throughout the story, I felt it did serve a purpose.

In Delirium love is considered a disease and at the age of 18 all citizens are “cured” with a neural surgery so that they are incapable of loving others.  To prevent this disease boys and girls aren’t allowed to converse or touch and music, literature, and all information is censored by the government.  Lena has been looking forward to being cured so she can be just like everyone else; normal and safe with a husband she is paired with by the government.  However, Lena’s boundary pushing BFF (or at least until the cure when she will no longer feel) and a mysterious boy by the name of Alex threaten to change everything in her almost normal life.

Love: a single word, a wispy thing, a word no bigger or longer than an edge. That’s what it is: an edge; a razor. It draws up through the center of your life, cutting everything in two.  Before and after. The rest of world falls away on either side.

~Delirium, Lauren Oliver

Lena is a strong heroine I really enjoyed reading about.  Yes, there were times when I wanted to shout at her, but Oliver does a good job at showing her transformation from weak-minded to strong-willed throughout the book.  I admire Lena and would hope I could show her courage and bravery in similar situations.  The ideas touched on throughout this book are very important, and even though they are in an extreme setting, relate to many goings on in our nation and throughout the world today.  Freedom.  How much control should the government have? Is it up to them to tell us something is wrong if it isn’t actually hurting someone? I’m not a very political person, but I do have opinions and this definitely made me look at the news with a different perspective.

And according to Oliver’s blog, Delirium is going to be made into TV series on Fox next year! I’m pretty excited about that, as there aren’t many TV shows I enjoy, but I will make time for this one!  The only other book-to-TV show I’ve watched has been Gossip Girl, but I feel this will be completely different from that.

One recommendation though; have the second book on hand before you finish this.  I’m still in a little bit of shock as I write this from the ending…

One of the strangest things about life is that it will chug on, blind and oblivious, even as your private world – your little carved-out sphere – is twisting and morphing, even breaking apart.

~Delirium, Lauren Oliver

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Sindre says:

    This is a book I honestly should have bought or lended and then read, and adored! 😀 heard so many great reviews about it, but still haven’t picked it up 😀 about time now!

  2. Steph says:

    Yes, go get it! Just have that second book on hand or you’ll be like me; impatiently waiting for it (two more days til it comes in at the library!).

  3. Katie says:

    I just bought this the other week and I bought the second one too. I have yet to read them but I’m glad that I picked them up at the same time. I can’t wait to read them!

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  5. Anny says:

    Ooh, a dystopian TV-show? Me likey! I read Delirium a while ago and rather enjoyed it, a little bit too…I dunno, I felt like the characters were rather immature somehow, but I still enjoyed the book and I’d really like to see the tv-show if that happens.

    • Steph says:

      Yeah, the TV show should (hopefully!) be great. It will be a nice change from all of the movies coming out. Should be very interesting 🙂

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