The Passion of the Purple Plumeria (Pink Carnation, #10)

The Passion of the Purple Plumeria
Pink Carnation #10
Adult Historical Fiction;/Romance
Rating 5!!

Who knew randomly ordering a clearance book off Barnes and Noble years ago would end up with such an obsession.  I will NEVER regret ordering The Secret History of the Pink Carnation because I liked the title and the cover looked cool, because now I’m on the 10th one in the series and I still LOVE every word of it. You would think at 10 books in this series I would get sick of it, however, the exact opposite is true…I keep falling even more head over heels in love with Willig’s Pink Carnation series.  They are just pure amazingness : ) The wit in these books is outstanding and she is one of three authors (as of yet) who can make me laugh out loud while reading on a regular basis. Gah, I want the next one is this series NOW!

If you’re not familiar with Willig’s writing style, it is one that flips between two different storylines; one in the past (Bonaparte’s time) and one in present day. All except one of her novels in this series is written in this manner. In the first few books I felt the present day storyline could have been done away with, but I now I truly care about these modern folks and do actually take the time to read their stories. 

In Passion of the Purple Plumeria we have as the main character Miss Gwendolyn Meadows, the governess of Jane Wooliston. Miss Gwen has always been an imperious and rather humorous (because she’s so blunt) character in previous novels so I was very interested (and a little nervous) to see how a book focusing on her would turn out. I was afraid I wouldn’t believe her story because of what I had already read about her beforehand…but I needn’t have worried. Willig did a splendid job of keeping the story just as believable, action-packed, humorous, and as full of passion as all of her other novels. This one in particular had great banter back and forth between Miss Gwen and her Colonel Williams.

I wish I could get everyone to read this series….is the next one out yet?

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