Books ‘n’ Bloggers Swap!

Posted by Steph on January - 11 - 2014

I missed out on all of the Secret Santa book swaps over the holidays so I was super excited when I saw Chiara’s post on Books For a Delicate Eternity about a Book Blogger Book Swap hosted by the Chaotic Goddess. So I hurried on over and signed up!


For the swap you’ll be paired up with another blogger and you’ll purchase them:

1. A book you have read and loved.

2. A book you have not read yet but looks awesome.

3. A book from your partner’s wish list.

And then you’ll get a package in return with your partner’s picks for you! A chance to get to new reads and connect with other bloggers in a new way…Count me in! Head on over to the Chaotic Goddess to get signed up.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. How cute does it sound, right? I get ridiculously excited about these kind of things, so yay! 😀

  2. Welcome welcome! We’re excited that you’re joining us for this one. It’s always a blast! 🙂