How to Train Your Dragon (How to Train Your Dragon, #1)

How to Train Your Dragon #1
Cressida Cowell
Junior Fiction
Rating 3.5

Yes, I did read this because I watched the movie.  Honestly I don’t enjoy the movie as much as the cartoon show (yes, I do watch cartoon shows, but my fiancé watches them with me so I don’t feel like such a nerd) and I was hoping the book would be more like the cartoon show being as there is a series of a books and a series of shows….however, this was not the case…At all.  The only character that really stays the same between the book and the movie is Hiccup.  His personality didn’t change much and I could imagine him throughout the book with his geeky voice and scrawny look shown in the movie.  But Toothless, his dragon; whole different story (well just the whole concept of dragons is completely different).  I LOVE Toothless in the show! He’s so cute and nice and perfect…not the book.  The book one is a jerk.

Movie aside, I felt like this was a “boy” book.  It was kinda gross in parts with things described as being like boogers and talk of poop; just stuff boys think is funny I guess.  And it was rough.  The boys weren’t nice to each other, the dragons were cruel (and you do hear their dialogue), and the situations were dire (survive and win, survive and lose then go into exile, or die trying).

The story starts with a wimpy Hiccup in the first stage of Initiation trying to catch a dragon.  Each “hero” must catch a dragon from a cliff-top cave and then successfully train their dragon to be initiated into their tribe as a hero.  If they fail at any point during initiation the boy will be exiled from their tribe. Harsh right? Anyway, after a disaster during the first part of initiation, Hiccup encounters another setback when he gets a good look at the dragon he has picked, which of course is the smallest one in the bunch and very common who also happens to not have any teeth.  Since he is the son of the Chief of his tribe he is expected to be the best hero (or any kind of hero really) but he has a very hard time training his dragon too as the “only” way to train your dragon is by yelling at, which Hiccup just isn’t very good at.  Can Hiccup train Toothless without yelling at him? Well, there may be a way.  And when all seems completely lost, even more disaster strikes and Hiccup must use all his courage and “thinking” to try and save the day…but will it be enough?

So all in all…I like the TV show better.  If a boy who hates reading and likes being a boy needs a book, I may suggest this one though.

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  1. nikihawkes says:

    I didn’t know there was a TV show – cool! I appreciate that I now know who to recommend these to… we’ll leave the boogers to the boys lol.

  2. nikihawkes says:

    BTW, I’ve been stalking your page because I was curious which covers you’d pick for TTT, lol.

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