Review of The Rose Throne by Mette Ivie Harrison

Posted by Steph on June - 17 - 2013
The Rose Throne (The Rose Throne, #1)

The Rose Throne- Book 1
Mette Ivie Harrison
Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 3.5
*Through NetGalley

I obtained an ARC of this book through NetGalley

Magic, royalty, romance, and a prophecy, plus a pretty cover is what made me pick me up this book.  But…it was just o.k. for me. Not bad by any means, there were just a few elements that drove me crazy and made me look online to see if there was a book 1…this is it.

The Rose Throne is about two different kingdoms, two different kinds of magic, and two very different princesses from either kingdom.  There is a magic called taweyr for the men and neweyr for the women, unweyr for those with no magic and something much more dangerous and powerful for those, the ekhono, who by some “mistake” get the opposite gender’s magic.  The dangerous part of being ekhono is that the ruler of one of the kingdoms has declared it illegal and will put to death anyone suspected of it.  This ruthless king has thrown the balance of men’s and women’s magic out of whack by not letting the neweyr flourish and letting his taweyr take over the land.  Ailsbet, the princess of this land, only truly loves music, not ruling, and no one in her land appreciates music like she does.  I didn’t really understand this princess; I thought she was cool in the first half of the book, but then in the second half she seemed super selfish, and annoying. I didn’t get it…

However, on the other land, a much more reasonable king abides with a more enjoyable princess, Issa. I just ended up feeling sorry for her the entire book, but she was a strong and capable character unlike Ailsbet. She’s forced to leave her kingdom and agree to marry a young boy prince, Ailsbet’s younger brother, to try and unite the two kingdoms, thus hopefully fulfilling a prophecy. However, chaos (and possibly true love?) then ensues which you will find out if you read the book : )

My main problem with this book was the lack of background information. Like the magic isn’t ever just explained to you (which I get sometimes you’re supposed to show readers things through your writing, but this definitely needed an explanation…I thought I had missed a book).  I wish the kingdoms had a bit more info. too. Like how big are they? Just one town? Islands? I know there’s more than just the two main ones so how many others are there.  Stuff like that just made it feel incomplete for me. And it is quite violent in parts which I wasn’t expecting.

Overall, it was O.K. I’m not mad I spent time reading it.


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