Struck by Wonderstuck written by Brian Selznick

Posted by Steph on March - 17 - 2013

Brian Selznick
Junior Fiction

So I found this review from last summer and thought I should re-post it on my brand spankin’ new blog 🙂

After waking up at 2am with far too much on mind (Summer Reading Program, new house, new job, etc.) I picked up Wonderstruck and did not go back to sleep until 4am (oops!), but that’s how all consuming this book is.  It is an amazing read!  I am a solidified fan of Brian Selznick now. Check out The Invention of Hugo Cabret if you haven’t yet.(Hopefully a book/movie review for Hugo will be coming in the nearish future)  They are being put on my “Need to Own” list because of how awesome they are.  Plus Wonderstruck starts out in my home-state of Minnesota which makes it even a little more special for me.


Wonderstuck  is a story about a young boy’s journey through loss, tragedy, difficult changes, and ultimately the discovery of a lifetime. Ben loses his mother and must live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. Then he faces another major set back when he tries to discover more about his father whom he has never met. After so much tragedy Ben sets off on his own to meet his father and has the adventure of his lifetime, and although the journey and outcome aren’t exactly what he expects, the results are astounding and change his life forever.

Along with Ben’s journey, the story of a young deaf girl named Rose is told mainly through pictures. The two stories interweave and mesh together perfectly adding an extra element to the book.

The story is masterfully told through not only carefully chosen words, but perfectly suited pictures. This is an amazing novel which people of all ages will enjoy and re-read just to see if they missed anything the first time.

“Ben wished the world was organized by the Dewey decimal system. That way you’d be able to find whatever you were looking for…”

~Wondersturck, Brian Selznick

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