Fyre (Septimus Heap, #7)

Fyre (#7)
Angie Sage
Junior Fiction Fantasy
Rating 4.5

The conclusion of our dear Septimus Heap series. It was a magical, adventuresome ride and I will miss being able to pick up a book in this series when I’m feeling down and out and being able to go on a new adventure, but I suppose all good things must end.  It was a nice, satisfying ending with many ends nicely tied and some left to the reader’s imagination.  Plus, Sage left with a promise to return to this wonderful world (I won’t spoil anything, but make sure you read on to the epilogue 😉

The story itself is full of action, magic, and twists and turns like all of the previous books in the series.  A Fyre must be lit in order to destroy the ring with two faces which threatens to come alive again in the form of two extremely powerful Darke wizards.  But, is the Fyre or the Darke wizards more dangerous?  Plus, Septimus must make the decision to stay ExtraOrdinary Wizard Apprentice or become Alchemy Apprentice.  And then there’s Jenna, struggling to keep the Dragon Boat alive and learning how to be the Queen she is meant to be (with or without help from the ghost of her mom).

It seemed as if every character we had met throughout the six previous novels was present and played a part in this book which was really neat…but also extremely confusing.  It’s been over a year since the sixth book Darke came out and I honestly couldn’t remember absolutely everyone from even that book.  Some of the characters I could vaguely recall, but it would have been nice if a little more background had been given on people from books past.  Other than that, I thought this was a great end to the Septimus saga and I can’t wait until the next adventure begins in this world!

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