Top Ten Things That Make Our Lives as Book Bloggers/Avid Readers Easier

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This topic is a pretty awesome one, even though I could only think of 8 at the moment, I’m excited to peruse other lists tomorrow night and see what I’m missing out on! So leave comments if you have suggestions or links to your blog so I can check ‘em out…I love connecting with other avid bookish people  : )

Libraries! Okay, so I may be biased, but without libraries I would be a wannabe reader. There is no possible way I could afford to get all of the books, ebooks, or audiobooks I want to read without libraries.  So go utilize them…NOW! 🙂

Book Bloggers  I love meeting and interacting with other bloggers and getting recommendations from others. It’s a great way to expand my reading horizon.

Goodreads  Another great way to interact with other readers and to keep track of what/when youv’e read and whether you liked it or not.  Plus it gives you awesome recommendations.Add me on Goodreads!

Library Thing My favorite place to catalog books…Plus I love SantaThing : ) And another way to connect with others and get recommendations.

Reading Journal Before blogging, Goodreads, and LibraryThing this was the only record I kept of what I was reading and also the only way I could remember what books were about later.  (Especially helpful when continuing series.)

My newly started Quotes Journal  I love finding quotes in books and I plan on keeping this with the current book I am reading at all times.  (A tip from a fellow blogger : ) Plus I love adding a quote or two into a review.

NetGalley A great way to discover new reads…for free : ) and be able to give honest reviews about them. I’ve been finding awesome books this way!

Book Stores I don’t actually buy a lot of books, because I just can’t afford too, but I still love book stores and I find them so helpful for discovering new authors and new releases.  I love looking at all of the displays and writing down titles to add to my TBR and library list.

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  1. nikihawkes says:

    I kept a reading journal, too! Now, our blogs are kind of like digital journals that we can share with others and they wont think we’re weird for it, haha. Cute new design! 🙂

  2. Quotes journal is such a good idea!