Review: A Touch of Scarlet by Eve Marie Mont

Posted by Steph on April - 8 - 2013
A Touch of Scarlet

A Touch of Scarlet
Eve Marie Mont
Teen Fiction
Rating: 4

I was very excited to receive this book through NetGalley, because I really enjoy re-tellings of other stories I’ve already read (even though I didn’t exactly enjoy or even understand The Scarlet Letter when I decided to read it by myself in 9th grade).  A Touch of Scarlet is a great read and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would.  I expected a frivolous love story somehow taking place back in Hester Prynn’s time, but what I experienced was so much better.  A story of making the right choices, standing up for what you believe in and becoming who you truly are despite what others may think is at the heart of A Touch of Scarlet.

Having not read the previous book, A Breath of Eyre, in Eve Marie Mont’s series, I was still able to enjoy this story on its own because the background information from the previous novel wasn’t necessary to enjoying the plot, but probably would have added to the overall effect (if I had more time I would have read A Breath of Eyre first).  I’m sure the reader would feel even stronger connections to the characters having read the first book in the series also. (I am adding to my TBR list!!)

Emma, the main character has had some traumatic experiences; a rough sophomore year of high school, dealing with the suicide of her mother, however she perseveres and is having the summer of her life with the boy of her dreams, Gray.  Having helped him out of a rough patch the previous year, they seem to share an uncanny even telepathic? bond.   However, their love will be tested, just like Hester Prynn’s and Dimmesdale’s, but is their love doomed from the start too?  And while Emma tries to sort out her love life she seems to mistakes at every turn, putting all of her relationships with friends and family in danger of falling apart.

“There is no right path,” she said. “How would you know the right path if you never chose the wrong one?”

~A Touch of Scarlet by Eve Marie Mont

Her best friend and roommate, Michelle  has isolated Emma and become friends with their once arch enemy Elise. Emma doesn’t even know who she is anymore and to top it all off she keeps going into trances when she goes running and ending up in The Scarlet Letter, but when she wakes up from these subconscious sidetrips she finds herself lost with no recollection of getting there.  Alongside dealing with all of the difficult relationships that come with highschool, Emma also has to deal with a difficult and close-minded principal who has the power to make her life miserable.

Not only does this story deal with Emma’s tumultuous relationships and problems, it also hits on the topic of same-sex couples and the difficulties and hardships of being gay in high school.  I think this book did a great job of opening my eyes (and hopefully others) to this issue as it is the first Young Adult book I have read involving lesbians.  It was a wonderful way to introduce people to the subject and making them understand how important it is to be supportive to people who are struggling to come to terms with who they are.

Love itself was a decision. And if Gray and I really loved each other, we would stay together because we wanted to, not because it was written in the stars. Being with Gray wasn’t my destiny but my choice.

~A Touch of Scarlet by Eve Marie Mont

All in all I loved this book, at times it was bit slow, but overall the messages were outstanding and I feel I gained something from reading it!

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