Between the Lines Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer Young Adult Fantasy Rating: 2.5

Between the Lines
Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer
Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 2.5

I had such high hopes for this one, a YA fantasy where a young girl falls in love with the Prince in a fairytale she’s reading and somehow they can communicate and see each other.  Oh, the possibilities!  I think the idea was so great here that the story would have needed to be exceptional to live up to it, (like Funke’s Inkheart series) which it just didn’t.

When reading  the prologue to Between the Lines you find out that Jodi Picoult wrote it with her teenage daughter, Samantha Van Leer; cute right? What book nerd doesn’t want to have their very own story published before they even graduate high school?  Needless to say, the prologue made me want to love the story, and I really tried.  This wasn’t a bad read, it’s just not one I really enjoyed.

For starters I had major issues with the main character, Delilah.  She pretty much drove me insane.  Delilah is an outsider in her high school, and believe me, I get that (been there done that).  But the only reason given for her being so disliked is that she broke the kneecap of the most popular girl in school. And maybe that school is just really weird, but I know in all of the schools I attended (7 if you’re wondering) that stunt, even if an accident, would have MADE you at least a ¼ of the class population’s friend because there’s bound to be those who dislike the popular people just because they’re popular.  Also, in the edition I read anyway (First Simon Pulse Hardcover 2012) there were two different ways given that Delilah broke the popular girls kneecap; hitting it with a baseball bat during gym and, later on, accidentally tripping her.  Did anyone else catch that?

Plus, Delilah just starts skipping classes to read this Between the Lines book where she can talk to the Prince in it and no one ever appears to really care or notice that she’s missing.  But then she lets herself get caught reading the story all the time by her mom who thinks it’s some sort of major psychological issue (which bugged me for many reasons).

I didn’t even really enjoy the romance aspect of this story. I felt like it happened too quickly. (Like, “Hey I can talk to you!” “Hey I can see you!” “Ok, we love each other.”) Maybe if I was still in high school this story would have been a lot more fun to me?

Moving on, the ideas in the story were great like I mentioned before, but they just fell flat for me.  I didn’t particularly like any of the characters.  And even the magical fairy land wasn’t described well enough for me to feel like I could picture myself there.   I think I’m having such a negative reaction though because of the ending.  I really did not enjoy the ending; it just wasn’t satisfying enough for me.  But I won’t have any spoilers and give it away.

Hopefully, I haven’t scared everyone away from reading this book. It’s not horrible, but it’s not as exceptional as it could have been.

P.S. This is the first Jodi Picoult novel I’ve ever read, so I’ll have to try something else by her.

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