Wonderful Sequel: The Apprentices by Maile Meloy

Posted by Steph on July - 1 - 2013
The Apprentices

The Apprentices
Maile Meloy
Junior Fiction
Rating 4.5

I was so ridiculously excited when I received an ARC of this book from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer’s Program because I absolutely loved the first book in the series The Apothecary.  The Apprentices by Maile Meloy is the second book in what’s turning out to be a wonderful, adventure filled and thought provoking juvenile fiction series. It deals with extremely difficult subjects like war, death, and young love all while keeping an overall not-too-depressing feel.

In this second installment, the three main characters from the first novel are all back in action; Janie, the tough and brilliant heroine, Benjamin, the apprentice to the apothecary, and Pip, the now movie star and still petty criminal at heart. When we start the story the three characters are spread out all over the world, so we get each one’s narrative in turn.

Janie has been working on a world changing science experiment, but someone may be trying to steal it, but she doesn’t know for what purpose. And when a jealous and rich roommate at her boarding school gets ideas about revenge for Janie being “too smart”, Janie’s situation goes from bad to worse. Plus, she has no idea where her best friend Ben is because none of his letters actually hold any information.  Until one day she receives a letter from Ben with a mysterious powder, which when taken provides her with a one-way form of communication of sorts…she can see through Ben’s eyes for brief periods of time. But what she sees makes her want to find him…and help him. However, Janie is in more danger then she knows…

Ben and his father have been using the Pharmoacopoeia, a book of magical remedies and different potions (like invisibility, turning into birds…etc.), to help save people who have been hurt during various battles, wars, and skirmishes.  Ben has also taken the powder and what he sees one day (not anything dangerous…just teenage jealousy) makes him send Pip over to “protect” Janie.

However, Pip finds Janie missing. And a master plan ensues to reunite all of our lovely main characters with plenty of action and adventure along the way.

I really enjoyed this story.  It was incredibly hard to put down and I found myself with very little sleep last week, but it was well worth it 🙂 Plus, the ending leads me to believe there will most likely be another one in this series…

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