Worms! A Summer Reading Program Adventure

Posted by Steph on July - 28 - 2013

I may finally be prepared to write a post about a Summer Reading Program event….maybe. Okay (deep breath) I am past the half way mark for SRP programming this summer..YAY! So for one of my “successful” programs Diary of a Wormthis summer I held a Worms! Program. It was not my personal favorite program as I don’t like worms and it was uber messy….but the kids really enjoyed themselves. 


For the program we started out with some interesting Did you knows?  about worms (which the kids did know a few of!) and then read the fabulous Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.  After all the latecomers stopped trickling in, we moved the group outside where we made our very own Worm Hotels. Then we headed back inside, got washed up, and made dirt cups. I stuck to those three core events and then encouraged everyone to check some books out about worms or other underground creatures.

Worm Hotel:

I got the idea for my worm hotels from  education.com.  I did modify it a bit to suit my needs though and of course learned a ton from what I did do. 


  •          Glass or Plastic Jars (I used the small sized canning jars, but in the future I would use larger ones)
  •          Sand
  •          Soil (preferably from your yard, not potting soil)
  •          Something to scoop all of the dirt and sand out with (I used plastic cups)
  •          Small Paper Bags (to put over finished hotels)
  •          Worms! (I just bought containers of them at Wal-Mart)

 To start with I set up jars on tables and on the ground outside around pails of dirt and sand.  The kids got into groups of 3-4 around the jars with their parents helping and layered sand and soil until it was near the top. Then I brought out the worms…and the kids got ecstatic! I could not believe how much they loved playing with them.  Parents were snapping pictures as the worms dangled from kids hands (unfortunately I didn’t get any because I was so BUSY). After everyone had their fun with the worms, two were put in each jar.  Then I told everyone that they could come visit their worms at the library later in the week to see the different paths they had made.  When everyone went in to wash up, I had a volunteer put a little water n each jar and then covered them with brown paper bags.

The end result: The kids loved making the hotels, but I didn’t have anyone come back to visit the poor little worms…which was okay because I was able to show the jars at programs I had within the week.  However, the paths weren’t great because my jars were too small, so I would definitely use larger jars in the future. I would have also have planned for the groups to decorate their own paper bags for the hotels to make it more personalized.

Dirt Cups:

  •          Pudding Cups
  •          Oreos
  •          Gummy Worms
  •          Plastic Bags
  •          Spoons

I like doing dirt cups at programs. They aren’t too difficult and everyone loves them. Everyone gets a pudding cup, a plastic bag with a cookie, two worms, and a spoon.  Kids get to crush up their cookies  in the bag, dump in the cup, add the worm, and ta-da….Dirt Cup. Easy Peasy!

My only problem was that I had no idea so many people were going to show up, so I ended up running out of pudding, but we made up for that with extra cookies and worms!

Overall the program as a whole was a hit and I learned a lot!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Laurie C says:

    Sounds like a great time! Too bad the worms didn’t get any return visits, but maybe they were less interesting once they were in jars? Congrats on overcoming your own distaste for worms to offer this program!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! It was a lot of fun…but I think you’re right, the worms weren’t as much fun once they couldn’t hold ’em and dangle them around 🙂